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Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Hard To Turn That Last Page

Getting close to the end of my book. Sometimes I'll set it down for awhile and come back to it later. Torture myself a little. Because I hate when a good book's all done. And then what? It's over now. Finished. What a let-down.

Which means it'll soon be time for another book. What I need are some suggestions. I've gotten some good ones in the past. Time for more. Bring 'em on! What's a favorite that you've read?


Blogger Michelle said...

Wow, i have read so many fabulous ones. I guess it depends what your ino, crime....biographies....sappy chick novels.....fiction/non fiction.
My all time fav would have to be To Kill a Mockingbird. It was the first ever grown up book i ever i read, i think i was 12 at the time..i still get goosebumps over it :)

3:46 PM, January 13, 2006

Blogger jay are said...

yes...that's a great one!

8:41 PM, January 13, 2006

Anonymous si said...

1) i recently saw the movie memoirs of a geisha and i had read the book quite a few years ago -- i thought the book was quite good (movie was ok too).

2) another book that i bought but have yet to start is the kite runner -- it's been highly recommended. (actually, i have a ton of books that i've bought but are just sitting there *to be* read...)

3) for lighter fare, ie. chick lit, jennifer weiner or jane green are good. also there's a book written by a then-21-yr old (can't remember her name) called ps, i love you -- it's kind of sad but pretty well-written, especially for a 21-yr old.

4) and i've mentioned janet evanovich in a previous comment. the stephanie plum series are mysteries with a major humorous bent to them.

5) bill bryson is a funny travelogue-type writer that i also enjoy.

well, best of luck in finding other books to "immerse" yourself in.

10:42 PM, January 13, 2006

Blogger jay are said...

thanks for the rec's: "Memoirs"---excellent book. "Kite Runner"---fantastic. Read it for sure. I love the Stephanie Plum books. Kind of a lighter Kinsey Millhone. I've seen the others you mentioned, so I'll have to give them a try.

11:18 PM, January 13, 2006

Blogger Lisa said...

Currently on my list to read (Care to join me?)

The Kite Runner
The Time Traveler's Wife
The Bell Jar
The Historian
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

If you haven't read Memoirs of a Geisha, do it!!! I would be happy to send a copy to you -- a thoroughly wonderful book (and you'll be amazed that it was written by a man!)

11:20 PM, January 13, 2006

Blogger jay are said...

Loved the Kite Runner; have heard so much about Time Traveler's Wife; Loved Memoirs (and it's amazing to think of it written by a man. Such a convincing female voice); a good friend read The Historian and loved it (but said it was so scary in parts); have seen The Bell Jar for years but never read it; and read Lion/Witch so long ago, I've forgotten.
So THANKS!!! My pick for next--let's see...might be The Historian.

12:31 AM, January 14, 2006

Anonymous si said...

remembered a few others (but knowing you, you've already read them!):

gregory maguire's series of fairy tales with a twist -- i have wicked, again it's in my stack "to read". this of course is the book on which the broadway play is based (i tried to go see this when i was in ny but couldn't). there's also confessions of an ugly stepsister which i think was made into a tv movie -- not helpful, i know!

also, there's a book by jodi picoult called my sister's keeper. it was a little disturbing but, i thought, well-written.

and if you want a total non-thinking, read-in-one-sitting (maybe 1/2 sitting for you...) there's the anne george series. this mystery series was written by an "ol..", "eld...", um "very mature" former school teacher. (i hesitated in even looking at the books -- my sister was at first making fun of me for reading them but then *she* read them and loved them.) i think one of the titles is murder on a bad hair day -- as you can see, kind of cheesy. she wrote in a humorous-janet-evanovich-way (sort of). unfortunately, this is a finite series -- she passed away a few years ago (i *told* you she was "very mature.").

some older books -- i'm sure that you read rebecca wells' divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood and its prequel, little altars everywhere. the "ya-yas" is one of my favorites. btw, didn't love the movie.

and i'm not sure how you felt about the dan brown books -- the da vinci code and angels and demons (which i preferred). i know that some people had a problem with them but i found them extremely absorbing (which is hard for me to say about a lot books lately...).

oh, and one of my favorites when i was young was the anne of green gables series. in fact, i still like reading the first book to this day.

okay, that's it, finally. sorry for the "long-ness" of this comment...

12:07 PM, January 14, 2006

Blogger jay are said...

I've seen that twisted fairy tales series; just wasn't sure if it was my thing. Maybe I'll have to try it....I like a lot of Jodi Picoult books but some of them are, as you say, disturbing. Some of them I know I won't want to read. She's good, tho.....liked ya-ya....not interested in Dan Brown, though I hear he's good....and that other mystery series sounds fun.
THANKS!!! I love recommendations.

12:31 PM, January 14, 2006

Blogger heatherfeather said...

i'm currently re-reading my sister's keeper after having re-read plain truth. i was't crazy about the pact.

i love love love reading infinite jest because it's so long and strange, and really like e. annie proulx and anta shreve especially sea glass.

5:49 AM, January 15, 2006

Blogger jay are said...

agree with the Picoult picks you mentioned--I really liked Plain Truth---and haven't had a lot of luck with Proulx but gonna try again. Agree about Shreve---hard to pick my favorite....and definitely want to read Infinite Jest now.

11:06 AM, January 15, 2006


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