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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I have nothing of interest to say, so in case you were expecting something of that nature, you're bound to be disappointed. At any rate....

My two youngest sons have been completely captivated by tetherball these last several months. It's quite the "in" thing at their school. Lines form, sometimes 10 kids long, on the four tetherball courts so that kids can knock a ball on a string back and forth. And there's all the old familiar rules: no ropies, no holdies, etc., etc. I love that in this high-tech age a game like tetherball (conceived in the dark ages) still has holding power. We even have one at home, and my youngest son especially could play for hours and hours. The problem is, when my two youngest do play at home, they can NEVER---and I mean never---play without an argument breaking out within, oh, about five minutes. And often one of them gets hurt because the other pushed or hit (usually my youngest) because of frustration. Why can kids take the simplest thing and make it complicated, make it a battlefield?? Boys. Good grief. Remind me to never let them play something like football.


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