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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Where's The Justice Now?

Just read about this in the paper today. First paragraph of article:

"Two decades after charging that school employees sexually abused him, a child accuser in the infamous McMartin Preschool case now says he made up the allegations at the urging of authorities."

This is nuts! I'm dating myself here, but I remember when this was going on. This boy/now man, Kyle Zirpolo, was an 8-year-old at the time. Can you imagine urging an 8-year-old boy to lie about something so incredibly serious?? Urging a child to lie about anything is criminal; this, however, crosses a HUGE line. I'm not being naive here----I know it happens all the time. I'm just amazed, though. Forget what it might do to the boy. Who cares if it messes him up forever. For whatever reasons, we've got an agenda, and we'll go to any lengths to accomplish it. Oh, look, this little child here will be our means to an end. Perfect.

Luckily, the defendants were aquitted of almost all the charges and jurors were unable to reach verdicts on the others. Even though they didn't serve time, however, their reputations were ruined--I'm sure--and a stain has been on their names ever since. Outrageous! Again, I know this isn't an infrequent thing. I guess because I remember this particular case, it's particularly repugnant to me.

I'm glad this man had the courage to now say that it was a lie. Probably it wasn't an easy decision, but I hope it's one that's brought him some peace. And maybe there's more here than meets the eye---maybe things were going on but he just didn't happen to be one of the victims; I don't know. Like they say---where there's smoke, there's fire. But what if the smoke is manufactured? Scary stuff.

I hope that Kyle and company can settle this all somewhere in themselves and go on with their lives. It pained me to read when he said, "I never forgot I was lying." That's just painful! He's lived with that all these years. What a burden. And what mixed feelings this news will be greeted with, I'm sure. Regardless, I hope that those involved will be able to make peace with it, like I mentioned, and move on.

And what about the so-called "authorities"? What about justice for them?


Blogger Michelle said...

Breaks your heart doesn't it. Not only does a kid have to live with that, imagine the mental damage keeping that in for so long has caused. Ruined his whole life.

12:26 AM, November 05, 2005


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