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Sunday, October 30, 2005

A New Leaf

Every now and then my 7-year-old informs me: "Tomorrow there's going to be a brand-new me!" I'll answer with something like, "Oh really, how so?" He'll then list off some self-improvement that he has planned, like waking up early on his own. Or doing his homework right away. Now, these things don't always or even often come to pass, but I delight in his little heartfelt intentions of becoming a better him.

So, taking a page from his book, I've decided that tomorrow is going to be a brand-new me. The last several weeks---from having several rounds of company and then getting sick (excuses, excuses) I've managed to completely destroy my exercise routine and decent (though not great) eating habits. Uck. I feel completely gross and blechy. So, even if I can only do ten minutes of weight lifting and ten minutes of cardio, so be it. I'm going to the club, I don't care WHAT!! I'm going to eat my fruits and vegetables and drink my water, no matter WHAT! It's high time and I'm ready to get going on a brand new me.


Blogger panthergirl said...

Well then, maybe I'll join you!!

Thank you so much for your eloquent and insightful comment on my blog. I will most certainly be visiting you as well. Can't have too many smart people in one's life, I always say. ;)

5:16 PM, October 30, 2005


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