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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Turn A Different Corner

Someone I know, someone I admire, someone I appreciate and enjoy, is getting a divorce. This isn't exactly a shock considering circumstances as they were, but there was always a hope that some miracle would happen.

I think the emotions felt by this person are more relief, perhaps, at this point than sorrow. But I'm overcome by the sadness of what it must feel like to realize that what one expected and anticipated out of life has become something quite, quite different. How do you really accept the death of a dream? Of what you thought life was going to be? Of the direction you planned on it taking? Well, you have to accept it, don't you? At least to the point where you can keep living and where you can heal and where you can learn how to find a place of happiness and strength again.

I don't know how people do it.

And thinking of gathering up the years, I feel overwhelming sadness for those, for my friend, who's handful will be much smaller than expected. May life bring new places of hope. May the passing of days strengthen the heart and mind to keep going to a clearer, sweeter place.


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