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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'll Just Hum A Few Bars

Thanks to heatherfeather I've got music on the brain---in particular, Leonard Cohen's "The Partisan". I thought I didn't have it---didn't even know what album it was on---and then I found it on one of my Leonard Cohen's greatest collections. (I remember now that it's on his "Songs From A Room" album). How dumb am I? I'd even forgotten that not only had I heard the song before, but I really like it. Duh. In my defense, it's been a really long time since I've heard it.

Anyway, about ole Leonard: I can hardly reconcile the voice singing "Partisan" with the one singing, say, "A Thousand Kisses Deep". Listening to "Partisan" again, I thought for a minute that I was listening to Townes Van Zandt or something. Cohen's voice has gotten so nicely raspy as he's gotten older (and probably smoked himself hoarse?)....

And so I was in the mood then to listen to some good old music that I haven't heard for awhile. I've got a friend from way back who's made me a few collections of music that are awesome. In fact, I think he has introduced me to almost every one of my favorite artists, including (but not limited to): Leonard, Townes, Lucinda Williams, Natalie Merchant, David Gray, John Prine. To name a few. I think of this friend as my music guru. At any rate, it's always fun to be exposed to new music---which is why I like it when heatherfeather makes her lists.

Regarding other Leonard Cohen stuff, as much as I love his music and his songwriting, I can't say the same for his books. They don't do much for me. Maybe I'm just not deep enough, which is highly possible, but they're just a little too grim and sacrilegious for me.

And lastly, he has a new album out which I don't have but want to get. Somewhat ironically, it's called "Dear Heather". I think he didn't mean to drop the "-feather". Maybe it wouldn't fit on the cover or something?

It's time for a new music collection, actually, but I have a feeling that my guru isn't going to be forthcoming any time soon. It's as though he has a job and a million other things to do or something. Whatever. Until then, I'll just listen to the old good stuff until I get some new good stuff.


Blogger Michelle said...

Songs From a Room is a great album. Like you, i don't care too much for his books, i find them rather depressing!

10:44 PM, November 08, 2005

Blogger heatherfeather said...

wow! look at how much you talked about me! that's exciting! and i'm glad that you found "the partisan" because i, uh, forgot to ever get back to you on that... nuts... sorry. ;)

yeah, i've always got music on the brain... it's a good portion of the reason i got a degree in music therapy. not that i'm going to use it anymore what with my new degree that i WILL finish in june, but you gets the image.

i'm excited to do another list. hopefully i'll be over some of the songs that have been on the list for the last month or so.

love lucinda, love natalie merchant, love john prine... love me the folk music in general.

you've heard the latest zkevmj album, right?

3:21 AM, November 09, 2005

Blogger jay are said...

what I love is when people actually know the singers I'm talking I need to get familiar with some on your list.

and a degree in music therapy??? never heard of such a thing and it sounds very cool.

looking forward to the new list. Maybe there'll be some aemlmks on it!

7:27 AM, November 09, 2005


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