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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Powered By Excessive Hot Air

Usually when I work out, I'm in my own little fog, on my own personal planet, and don't really notice anyone around me. Their conversations float around me, over me, beside me but don't really penetrate. I'm not a big socializer while I exercise.

Every now and then there's someone, though, who's like a dull-edged pushpin that pops the whole mental bubble thing:

Loud voice, on the verge of strident: "We went out again last night." Pant, pant.

"I'm not much of a steak person." Huff. Maniacal laugh. "I like chicken really. I'm more into chicken. But I had a really good steak."

I try to re-enter my own fog again but *pop*:

"I really liked it. It was a great place. You should go sometime." Pant. Wheeze.

"----so snobby. I don't know why we even go anywhere with her. I mean, geez, enough already, you know?"

Luckily, at this point I'm done on the bike and hie myself over to the weights. I'm five minutes into my workout.

"Is this right?? Because I don't feel anything in my butt. Is this supposed to be working my butt because I don't feel it at all. Only in my hamstrings."

Are you serious? I can't shake her. Everywhere I go, there she is. Five feet away! And even if I manage to escape momentarily, I can still hear her.

I wonder if anyone would notice if a 12-pound weight slipped out of my hand. In the vicinity of Lady Strident. Oops!! So sorry!


Blogger Erik said...

lady strident-that's good stuff. i'm not sure what to do with those people either. sometimes i just act like i'm in the convesation too, and then respond to all their questions, in hopes that they'll go away. this is risky though, because sometimes they stick around.

yeah, just go with the 12-pound weight.

6:31 PM, November 18, 2005

Blogger jay are said...

hah! now there's an angle I hadn't thought of:
"hey I really like chicken too. and how 'bout that chicken marsala. mmmhmm. good stuff."
But I'm afraid, like you said, it would just encourage her all the more and then I'd REALLY be stuck.

think I'll stick with the 12-pounder.

9:10 PM, November 18, 2005


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