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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Proof Positive

There have been times in the last several years when I've wanted another baby so badly that it was an ache I physically felt. I teetered between yearning and doubt---should we? should we not? A little more time would pass. The feeling would come and go.

Here's one more little proof, however, that the time has permanently passed, that feeling but a faint and distant pang:

When I'm working out at the Y, invariably, inevitably there's an announcement: "Would so-and-so please come to ChildWatch." In the background you can hear a child screaming or crying. This announcement is sometimes met with a murmur of laughs. And what do I feel? "They are never going to call my name. THANK GOODNESS!" Sometimes I have to stop myself from pumping my arms up in exultation.

So, should the highly unlikely time ever come when I wonder if the pitter-patter of little feet is what I'm missing, all I need to do is spend an hour at the club. It won't take long to get my answer.



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