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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Move over, Tubby

One of the things I like to ponder now and then is how many homes around the world have pictures of each one of us in them. Perfectly strange (and not-so-strange) strangers have pictures of you and me sitting in their photo albums, in frames, used as bookmarks, etc. There we are, in the background, or standing left of center, and our mug shares the limelight with whomever or whatever was being filmed. Hopefully we're not doing anything embarrassing or incriminating that we'll be known for in their circles forever.

One of those strange people appeared recently in a LOT of our vacation photos. There were some great shots taken at Mammoth Lakes (a beautiful spot of earth), Tijuana, Disneyland...but this really blobby, overweight person kept being in them! Every couple of shots, there she was! What a porker. I didn't point this out to anyone because I didn't want to draw attention to something so shallow. I don't want my kids to think that such a thing is so important, but really---this woman needed to go on a diet, like yesterday. She was frumpy and lumpy and kind of bumpy. Yuck. And now she's in all these vacation photos we have and we can't exactly cut her out of all of them----oh wait! Is that ME??

Gross. Never mind. Forget I said anything.


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